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  • We cover the shipping & handling costs for your free items each month!
  • Choose your own items or opt for a surprise Ambassador Package each month! 
  • Receive your own unique discount code to use for 15% off all products for ALL future purchases.
  • Receive a unique referral code for your friends/followers for 10% off ALL products
  • For every purchase made using your codes, you receive a free item from the boutique!
  • You’ll be permanently and repeatedly featured on our Instagram feed, stories, and highlights!


  • Self love - Self love is so important to us. We want to empower you to embrace every part of you! #MORESELFLOVE
  • Inclusion - We have a no discrimination policy. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, size, color, sexuality, gender, etc. We strive to make our brand more inclusive every day. <3 
  • Flexibility - We all have lives and we are all busy - and we recognize that! This is an ambassador led program! There are no specific posting or participation requirements. There's no penalty for no participation for a short or long period of time. Participate as you can! 
  • Authenticity - We never outline what to post or what to create. We want this to be an additional platform for creators to show who they are and what makes you special. We appreciate individuality, vulnerability, and realness. There's beauty in everything! Be yourself and let us love you for you! <3
  • Laid Back - No pressure to buy. Stress-free atmosphere. This is a safe space and community of compassionate and healing people who want to empower each other. No judgement, all love. <3 
  • Free - We never want to pressure you to purchase and value having a meaningful program where everyone can participate and receive FREE items free of charge! 


  • You are not required to make an initial purchase to participate in the program or receive free items.

  • All free items are sent in ONE package at the end of the month or you can opt to receive store credit via a gift card to pick out your own item(s). The amount of items/store credit you will receive will be equal to the amount of purchases made with your codes for the month.

  • Our team will reach out at the end of each month to provide your monthly summary. You can choose to receive your free items each month via store credit on a gift card to pick out your own items OR you can opt for your free items to be mailed to you in a surprise Ambassador Package! You will be able to choose your preference and provide your shipping address in the Ambassador Package email that we send at the beginning of each month.

  • Individual items may range from $5-$200 value.


  • (Optional) Phone Number - The field used to collect phone numbers supports domestic (US) and international numbers as long as the country code is included (e.g., +12223334444).
  • Sizes for - tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes

  • (Optional) Height

  • (Optional) Measurements

  • (Optional) Instagram Handle - If you wish to be featured on our Instagram page . This also helps us to get a better idea of your style to send you items you'll actually love! 

  • (Optional) Special Requests - This may include types of items you would not like to receive or that you would like to receive! You may include specific product names (i.e. Kyra Top, Basic Legging, Bubble Short) or the type of product (i.e. tops, bottoms, dresses, etc.) We always accommodate modesty requests. 

  • Feel free to provide exact measurements (bust, hips, waist). The more size information you provide, the better we can ensure we are sending you the right size!

Spots are limited! Sign up today to become a #ROYELLEambassador to receive free products and make a difference doing it! <3

*Submitting this form serves as a formal agreement between Royelle Boutique and signee. If accepted, signee may opt out of program at any time by contacting Submitting form is not consent of purchase, but of application to the Ambassador + Free Item Program.*


If you have further questions, visit our FAQs page or feel free to contact us at!